The Pause Button

the pause button

Parents and Caregivers of the World! Do you ever feel the need to have just a moment (or two or three) to yourselves to pause, regroup, refresh, and recharge those caregiving batteries? We here at The Connected Community at The Maine Children’s Home have some amazing friends and colleagues at the Halo Project in Oklahoma, who’ve shared this wonderful video on a strategy to use when needing to take a break and get some much needed time to oneself - not easily done in these COVID-19 times! We’d say the video and idea of a ‘pause’ button is more geared toward children old enough to have a few moments of unsupervised time, but not old enough to be out and about in the world by themselves…or for times when younger children have a second parent or caregiver in the home to keep an eye on them for safety reasons! 

Please enjoy the “Pause Button” video!

For more information on the "Pause" button, check out The Halo Project.

Written by Lindsay Bragdon, Adoption Program Director at The Maine Children's Home for The Connected Community @ MCH.