Summer Camp Connections

Supporting Maine summer camp experiences 

Since 1967, Maine Children’s Home had been helping to support thousands of children and youth to explore the joys and enrichment of summer camp in Maine. Maine Children’s Home assisted children to attend these 5 accredited summer camps

Camp Mechuwana in Winthrop, Camp Susan Curtis in Stoneham, Camp Tracy in Oakland, Fairhaven Camps in Brooks, and The Friends Camp in South China


Maine Children’s Home no longer accepts or directs applications for summer camp. MCH directly supports these summer camps with donations we have received that are specifically designated for summer camp.


Many local recreation programs are offering some activities and a growing number of camps may also be offering day camps. All the camps we are in communication with are exploring ways to meet the evolving needs of campers, families, volunteers, staff members, and local communities for this coming season.


Please visit the summer camp web addresses below to learn more about their programs this coming summer:


· Camp Mechuwana (377-2924): 

· Camp Susan Curtis (774-1552): 

· Camp Tracy (873-0684): 

· Fairhaven Camps (722-3456): 

· Friends Camp (877-4302):


Campers at a Maine Childrens Home summer camp learning how to build a fire


Maine Childrens Home summer camp photos


Maine Childrens Home summer camp horseback riders
Photos courtesy Fairhaven, Mechuwana, and Susan Curtis camps