Domestic Adoptions

In-State Infant Adoption Program

In-State Infant Adoption through Family Adoption Program at MCH is a full-service program. 

As part of the program, Family Adoption Program provides prospective adoptive parent(s) with an experienced case worker to guide them through the entire process and to help them determine which type of adoption will be best for them. The professional staff at Family Adoption Program also manages the adoption home study process as well as birth parent counseling, placement services, post-adoption services, and search and reunion services.

Inter-State Adoption Program

Inter-State Adoption through Family Adoption Program is a program open to couples and individuals who meet eligibility requirements. 

This program provides all of the same services as in the In-State Infant Adoption Program, but with another licensed out-of-state agency serving as the child-placing agency. That agency is located in the same state as the adoptee and birth parent(s). It provides counseling for the parent(s) and manages the placement of the child with the prospective adoptive couple. 

Family Adoption Program assists Maine-based prospective adoptive parent(s) with the Interstate Compact guidelines necessary for adoption between two states. Following placement, Family Adoption Program also provides post placement supervision, finalization services, and post adoption services in Maine. 

The majority of the babies and young children adopted through this program are of mixed cultural and racial heritage. Applicants are required to participate in educational sessions on trans-racial parenting and are encouraged to communicate with other trans-racial families.

Contact Us 

For more information on any of the adoption options that may be available to you, fill out the adoption inquiry form or email Program Assistant Cindy Smith or call the Family Adoption Program office at 207-873-6350.