Summer Camp

Campers at a Maine Childrens Home summer camp learning how to build a fireEach summer since 1967, The Maine Children’s Home Summer Camp Scholarship Program has made the dream of attending a summer camp a reality for underprivileged children throughout Maine.

In partnership with several summer camps, including Camp Susan Curtis, Camp Tracy, Fair Haven Camps, Mechuwana and the Julia Clukey Camps for Girls, children are making new friends, learning new skills, building self-esteem and independence, and overcoming many of the hurdles they face while living in poverty.

As a nonprofit relying heavily on donor contributions, The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers needs the support of businesses and individuals to raise the $250-$400 per child for us to give deserving children an opportunity they would otherwise not have.

Please help make an experience at camp a reality for a Maine child by donating to our Summer Camp Scholarship Program.

Contact Us

If you would like to support The Maine Children’s Home Summer Camp Scholarship Program or if you know of a child in need that could benefit from an overnight camping experience, please contact Cristen Sawyer, Development Associate, at 207-872-0261 or by email.

Our Supporters

During the summer, we partner with Damon’s Beverage to send kids to summer camp. Anyone who goes to a participating Damon’s will have a chance to purchase a tent pinup for one dollar and all proceeds go to the Summer Camp Scholarship Program. Participating Damon’s locations include Augusta, Bangor, Chelsea, Fairfield, Skowhegan, and Waterville. 

Maine Childrens Home summer camp photos


Maine Childrens Home summer camp horseback riders

Photos courtesy Fairhaven, Mechuwana, and Susan Curtis camps