Children's Book 'The Newest Flower'

the newest flower bookIn 2012, Juliese Y. Padgett wrote The Newest Flower; she was only seven. “Mommy, I want to sell this book and use this money to help orphans.” Her mother quickly realized that this book was not just for their family’s enjoyment, but instead, there was a bigger picture. And so, all profits from this book will go to the Adoption Program at The Maine Children's Home for Little Wanderers.

Author and adoptee Juliese describes a charming story about a simple flower garden that has discovered a new kind of flower. Though judged on how she looks, this flower chooses to accept her differences, gives others a second chance, and learns to forgive. According to Juliese, “This book was written to teach all children to love one another no matter what type of flower you are.”

Copies of this book are available on AmazoniTunes, and Barnes & Noble.

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jockey backpackThe Jockey Being Family® National Backpack Program provides newly adopted children and families with personalized backpacks with their initials and filled with a Jockey Being Family® bear and blanket. For many children that have gone through the adoption process, this is the first time that they have had something with their initials on it, and something to call their own. They also provide a parent tote which includes valuable post-adoption resources.