Maine Children’s Home receives $10,000 grant from Maine Community Foundation

Waterville, Maine — May 19, 2022 — Maine Children’s Home (MCH) has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Community Building Grant Program of the Maine Community Foundation to expand the reach of the parenting, life-skills, and mental health support MCH provides for pregnant and parenting teens and young adult parents.

“This grant will allow us to expand services and outreach for more young parents in new and exciting ways. Maine is a very rural state with limited transportation resources. This support will help us to reach young parents in their own schools and communities,” says MCH Executive Director, Rick Dorian. “Educational resources, information, and support groups will continue to be offered on the Dororthy ‘Bibby’ Alfond Campus in Waterville, in-person, and online at hosting locations such as schools, youth programs, and adult ed classes.”

Teen Parent Education Program at MCH was founded in 1974 to provide a stable and productive community environment where young parents can receive academic support, prenatal education, independent living skills, mental health support, childcare, practical parenting and self-advocacy knowledge and skills for achieving their goals.


About Maine Children’s Home

Maine Children’s Home (MCH) is a 501(c)(3) organization that offers programs for building and strengthening families and their children, instilling hope for the future and a better quality of life. Founded in 1899, the Waterville-based organization has evolved with the changing needs of families and children, and supports more than 3,000 people each year through the following programs and services:

  • Family Adoption Program - Providing a lifetime of services for birth parents and adoptive families
  • Family Counseling Center - Guiding toward hope, healing, and wholeness
  • Teen Parent Education Program - Helping young parents build a foundation for their future
  • Connected Families Project - Offering powerful, accessible tools to help strengthen families
  • Christmas Program - Sharing joy and winter warmth with kids and families

More information about MCH’s programs and its history can be found at