Program created to support teen parents expands to serve parents in their early 20s 

A program founded in 1974 at Maine Children’s Home (MCH) that was originally designed to support teens who are pregnant or parenting has recently expanded to serve parents in their early 20s. The shift has required a name change for the program — from “Teen Parent Education Program” to “Journey Program”. 

“We know that young parents continue to benefit from support into their early 20s,” says Journey Program Director Alaina Wolman. “Expanding the program allows us to continue helping parents who started with Journey Program when they were teenagers, as well as new parents who are older but need that support.” 

Journey Program builds upon the strengths of young parents by offering classes in prenatal education, parenting instruction, independent living skills, mental health access and supports, and other practical knowledge. The program also offers an opportunity for parents to come together as a group to work on challenges that the parents may share. Building self-worth through group support and the training model Making Sense of Your Worth is another focus of the program. 

The staff of Journey Program have extensive experience working with young parents, as well as teaching skills and information that are important for any parent to be aware of. A registered nurse teaches the prenatal classes at Journey Program, and Program Director Wolman is a former young parent herself and has been involved in the program for 20 years. 

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About Maine Children’s Home 

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