Post-Adoption Services

Adoption is a life-long process. Each member of the adoption triad — birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees — needs access to supportive services beyond finalization because they are truly just beginning their journey in adoption.

Post-adoption services from Family Adoption Program include:

  • Home visits and ongoing support with adoptive families as required by the agencies, states and countries involved in the adoption process 
  • Counseling through Maine Children's Home's (MCH) Family Counseling Center as needed 
  • Coordination of communication between birthparents and adoptive parents for adoptions in the in-state program
  • Search and reunion services for birthparents and adoptees in the in-state program 
  • Support services for a variety of adoptee and adoptive families’ needs throughout their lives

Family Adoption Program also has a small library of literature available for lending to those who want to read about the different aspects of adoption.

Confidentiality is very important to MCH and to those MCH serves. Staff are sensitive to each member of the adoption triad’s right to confidentiality and MCH does its best to protect that right at all times.

Contact Us

For more information on post-adoption services or adoption in general, email Program Assistant Cindy Smith or call the Family Adoption Program office at 207-873-6350.