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Your Support Matters

Relationships and environments that feel consistently safe are at the core of ensuring the well-being of children and families. This stability relies on various elements: the stress management skills of parents, a supportive network for families, knowledge of child development and care, and access to essential services during difficult times. At Maine Children’s Home (MCH), we are committed to empowering parents and children with tools, skills, and guidance to cultivate a sustained sense of security that safeguards their emotional and physical well-being.

Your steadfast dedication fuels our ability to provide vital resources and individualized care through our young parent support program, winter essentials for families in need, mental health counseling, and adoption program. With an urgent need to raise $425,000 by the end of 2024, your thoughtful generosity directly impacts the lives of children and families striving to build a strong foundation for their future. Your gift makes our programs possible, offering essential services that empower Maine families.

Your Gift in Action

Allison Grady and familyIn a recent blog entry, Allison Grady (pictured at top right in photo with her family) reflects on her transformative journey with Maine Children’s Home’s Journey Program, which she participated in from August 2014 to June 2017. Initially uncertain about her future upon discovering her pregnancy, Allison found empowering support through the program. From navigating the challenges of parenthood to juggling school and sports, the Journey Program provided consistent guidance and assistance. Through tough parenting classes and unwavering support from program coordinators, Allison gained valuable skills and resilience. She credits the program for her high school diploma, subsequent opportunities, and personal growth, emphasizing its pivotal role in shaping her into a successful individual, partner, and parent. 

"Whenever I faced challenges, the program coordinators were there, assisting with everything from finding health insurance and dental care to signing up for WIC support," said Allison. "Their support was steady and constant. I honestly trusted them more than most other adults in my life."

The resources and guidance provided by Journey Program is free to participants, and relies entirely on the gifts of caring people who want to see parents like Allison thrive. Your gift ensures that programs like Journey Program can continue offering essential services that shape the lives of young families.

What Your Gift Can Do for Journey Program

  • $25: Healthy snacks and water for parents and their children during class
  • $50: Materials for supporting learning activities
  • $125: One mental health counseling session for a parent who is uninsured or underinsured
  • $500: One month’s worth of prenatal, parenting, and individualized support for one parent
  • $1,000: One month’s worth of participation in the program for two parents working toward co-parenting

Make a one time or recurring, monthly gift

Online gifts to Maine Children’s Home are safe and secure.

Make a Gift Today


For more than a century, Maine Children’s Home (MCH) has been a beacon of hope, transforming lives and nurturing progress. As MCH approaches its 125th anniversary in 2024, we are facing a pressing and formidable challenge — the growing demand for the organization’s services.

Each year, MCH reaches the lives of more than 3,000 children and families, many of whom are impacted by Maine’s mental health crisis. The 2023 Maine KIDS COUNT Data Book by the Maine Children’s Alliance highlights the seriousness of this crisis, emphasizing MCH’s crucial role in addressing our community’s most pressing concerns.

Your generous support means more than just dollars; it directly translates into tangible hope, empowerment, access to vital services, and progress for those served by MCH.

Join MCH in its mission — to build and strengthen families — by making a gift today.

What Your Gift Can Do:

  • $25 provides supportive therapy tools to a child or family for better outcomes
  • $50 provides education to a teacher or family member on trauma-informed care
  • $100 will support an uninsured / underinsured child or family being seen for therapy
  • $250 sponsors a pregnant youth through prenatal nutrition and education
  • $500 provides winter essentials to two children
  • $1,000 provides post adoption support for a child or family

Other Ways to Give

While we need and welcome your individual financial support, there are many other ways you can support our programs and services:

Giving In Honor Of or In Memory Of a Loved One

Giving in Honor of Someone Online Through Paypal

A gift can be made in honor of a loved one online through the MCH Paypal form in a four easy steps.

  1. Click this link to open the MCH Paypal form.
  2. Select the dollar amount that you would like to give. Also select whether you would like to cover the processing fee of $1.52 USD and whether you'd like to give monthly.
  3. Select whether you would like to "Donate with Paypal" using your Paypal account or "Donate with Debit or Credit Card". If you're choosing to pay using your Paypal account, you'll be prompted to sign into your account.
  4. Once you've either signed into Paypal or chosen to pay using your debit/credit card, you will be prompted to either confirm or enter your billing address information. There will be an option on the billing section on the form to "Write a note" or "Add a note". This "note" section is where you can add the information "This gift is in honor of [enter the name of your loved one]". Once you click the "Donate Now" button at the bottom of the form, we will receive your gift and the note that specifies who the gift is in honor of.

Giving in Honor of Someone Using a Check

A gift can be made in honor of a loved one using a check by simply writing "This gift is in honor of [enter the name of your loved one]" on the memo line of your check and mailing the check to:

ATTN: Development
Maine Children’s Home
93 Silver Street
Waterville, ME, 04901

Christmas Program & Journey Program Gifts

Items can be dropped off on the front porch of the "Administration Building" (Building #2) on the MCH campus Monday-Friday, 9 am - 3 pm (please fill out a gift slip, specify which program you are giving to, and leave it in your gift bag/ box). Shipments should be addressed to Maine Children's Home; 93 Silver Street; Waterville, ME 04901; Please mark the package "Attn: Christmas Program."  or "Journey Program" (If you are shipping via Amazon, you can choose "this is a gift" option, and type in your first and last name and contact information on the Gift Card, so we know it is from you, and can send you your receipt and Thank You!)

* Amazon Wish List Link: [here]           * Christmas Needs List: [here]

Accepted in-kind items for Journey Program

NOTE: Due to Covid health concerns we cannot accept any used items at this time.

  • Diapers, all sizes, new and unopened
  • Baby wipes, new and unopened

Monetary Gifts can be made:

  • Online
    When you give online, we will not sell, trade or share your information with anyone else.
  • By phone
    Use your credit card (Visa or MasterCard) to give over the phone: 207-873-4253 (Monday - Friday  8 a.m. - 4 p.m.)
  • By mail
    Gifts can be mailed to:
    Maine Children’s Home
    93 Silver Street
    Waterville, ME 04901


Make a one time or recurring, monthly gift

Online gifts to The Maine Children’s Home are safe and secure. 


Giving Programs:

Red Stocking Annual Fund (General Gifts)
Your gift will be used to address our most urgent needs.

Family Adoption Program
You will help to support individuals and families to defray the costs of pregnancy & birth parent counseling, search and reunion efforts, and the overall adoption process.

Journey Program
Your gift will help provide education, counseling, support, and guidance to the young parents enrolled in this program.

Christmas Program
We will add your contribution to our funds to make this Christmas brighter for more than 1,500 kids across Maine.

Family Counseling Center
Your gift will support our outpatient mental health counseling, specializing in play and art therapy, and adoption counseling.